Colin Darke Salamander Fountan III (2014)       The form of Colin Darke’s work has changed a number of times, driven as it is by conceptual and strategic considerations. The most important sources on which he draws are Marxism, the dramaturgical theories of Bertolt Brecht, the paintings of Gustave Courbet and the Duchampian readymade. For Colin Darke the use of text has dominated his work throughout, particularly the transcription of socialist economic and political writings. In recent years, the work of Colin Darke has been made in response to significant historical moments, most notably the Paris Commune of 1871. He is now attempting to achieve these references through the use of readymade objects alone. Colin Darke has exhibited widely over the past three decades. He has held solo shows in Ireland, Britain, Italy and Canada. He has been included in many group exhibitions, including Tracings at Belfast’s Ormeau Baths Gallery (1998), Manifesta 3 (Ljubljana, 2000), Something Else (Turku/Helsinki, 2002/3), Venice Biennale (2003), Busan Biennale (2004), Labour & Wait (Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2013).  The two-person show, Commodity Form, held with David Mabb, was shown in the Dock, Leitrim, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and Bluecoat, Liverpool. His solo exhibition at The MAC, Grotesque Mediocrity, runs from August to October of this year. Born and raised in England, Colin Darke studied at Goldsmiths, from 1977 to 1980. He moved to Ireland in 1988, spending twenty years in Derry before relocating to research a PhD at the Belfast School of Art. He has since then remained in Belfast and is based in Orchid Studios. In 2012, he was Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow at the British School at Rome. In addition to his practice, Colin Darke has been actively involved in gallery administration, working with galleries in Derry and Belfast. He has also been writing, for twenty years, critical reviews for various publications. Colin Darke – Belfast Artist